Sunny September :)


Woke up today and it was beautiful and sunny – a perfect day for a walk around the Swan. It’s real chilly though so big scarf and owl mittens needed – crisp and bright 🙂

It may seem odd to buy summer shoes in these conditions but i saw these bad boys in one of the charity shops so thought why not? They were only £3.50 and they’re real leather an suede – had a laugh with the shop people about buying them when it was so cold outside but i reckon these little guys are gonna be with me for a long time! Mega comfy!

And then a trip to the new Poundland reminded me of some advice from a friend – and i bloody LOVE a Poundland.

I’m trying to save money and Laura Hall was telling me about the way she keeps any £2 coins she gets in a jar and that way you’ve alwys got a bit of extra cash if you need it – but if you leave it for a wile they really add up so got the little Postie money box – plus had two £2 coins in my purse so was able to put some in from the start – plus new diary and some bead pens 🙂

Last night we went to The Kazimier for The Darktown Strutters Ball – it was ace!  Out in the garden – it was cold but they had the bonfires on so warm myslef like a hobo next to them – plus now my scarf smells like bonfire which i really like – it was good to be able to dance to Sidney Bailey’s No Good Punchin Clowns and The Flamin’ Mamies without the usual squeeze in Peter K’s.

I love The Kazimier garden as well – i’m getting some out the big outdoor carnival fairy lights they have for my garden  – add that to the chiminea and we’ve got right cosy night time garden times 🙂


About jennyleerussiandoll

I'm just a gal from Liverpool who wanted a place to put up pictures of things i've made, done, seen and loved - so i had them all together :) Born and raised next to The Mersey and wouldn't ever wish to come from a different place - A true Liver Bird, in my Liverpool home :) ''I just LOVE a craft me!'' is probably one of the things you'll here me say most - cross-stitch, embroidery, crochet, quilting, drawing, painting, clothes/bag/cushion/blanket making - ANYTHING, I'm into it! I love learning new things and truly believe that the whole point of human life is to learn new things all the time, respecting and carrying on the old traditions that have shaped us and challenging our little grey matter all the time to make us better people. My favourite quote of all time probably sums it up best... ''If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.'' - by the mighty Thomas A. Edison - and that guy knew a thing or two. I try to live by that everyday - EVERDAY - we can be TRULY AMAZING, in everyway - mind, body and spirit - we just need to allow ourselves to be! Don't waste your life sleeping - and throw away your televsion!!! I love music - there is NOTHING like music in this whole wide world - it's the lifeblood of us all -There's not much in life i can think of that can give you that moment of such pure joy that you feel as if your heart might burst open then and there and you'd be totally ok with it - and i hold dancing under this too - I LOVE TO DANCE - and i mean DANCE - that euphoric moment of totally losing yourself in music you're hearing and you can feel it through every cell in your body - that's what it's ALL about... I'm currently learning to play fiddle - it's a learning process that will take the rest of my life I'm sure - and I'm loving every minute :) I'm also learning Spanish and trying to better my French - and love getting out there and seeing new places - it's a beautiful world we got here!

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